XN012 – Aero Advantage Pogo Stick

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  • Awesome Aero Advantage Pogo Stick for children.
  • Suitable for children aged 5-10 weighting weighing 40lbs-90lbs (18kg-36kg).
  • Includes replaceable Anti-slip foot pads & safety foam handles.
  • This pogo stick for is approximately 94cm (37inches) tall / width 21cm (8.5inches).
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The Aero Advantage Pogo Stick will provide hours of fun for children.
The Pogo is for perfect for boys and girls aged between 5-12 and weighing up to 36kgs.
For safety only use the pogo on flat, dry surfaces and always wear safety equipment. Please always read and follow the included safety manual at all times.
Using the pogo stick will help improve fitness, balance and will also help burn any excess energy whilst having great fun.
If you require a bigger pogo search for our Pogo King or Aero Legend pogo sticks which are for weights 36-72kgs.

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