TX07 – 3 Channel Weather Sensor for TG646 and TG647 Weather Stations

3 Channel Weather Sensor for ThinkGizmos Weather Station Models TG646 and TG647
Asins for compatible weather stations TG646 & TG647
Requires 2x AA Batteries (Not Included)



The TX07 Weather Sensor is a multi channel sensor which is compatible with ThinkGizmos weather stations with the model numbers TG646 and TG647.
The sensor can be set to 3 different channels with the channel switch under the battery cover.
The weather sensor also has a built in display showing the temperature and humidity so you can easily check the temperature without having to go and check the main unit.
Once the channel has been set and batteries inserted rescan for the sensors on your weather station as per the instructions provided with the original weather station.
Please note that the sensor provided with the TG646 and TG647 weather stations is automatically set to channel 1 so if you are using the original sensor and one of these the TX07 will need to be set to either channel 2 or 3.
The sensor requires 2xAA Batteries (Not Included).
This item is a ThinkGizmos branded product. ThinkGizmos is a registered UK trade mark.

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