Think Gizmos Musical Toy Penguin for Toddlers – Interactive Educational Musical Toy

Think Gizmos Musical Toy Penguin for Toddlers - Interactive Educational Musical Toy

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  • BUMP & GO: This bump and Go Music penguin toy for boys, girls or toddlers can move around whilst playing music or telling stories. If it bumps into an object it will automatically change direction.
  • MULTIPLE MODES: Dance. Play and Learn with the Interactive Musical Penguin which features 3 different play modes to keep toddlers entertained: Story mode, Music mode and Learning mode.
  • MOVING PARTS: Its mouth, eyes and wings all move and the heart on the penguin’s front lights up. Colourful and fun design to keep any toddler’s attention and amusement.
  • PLAY AND DEVELOP: This educational learning toy for toddlers can help improve your child’s cognitive and co-ordination skills as it interacts and plays with it.
  • SAFE & STRONG: As a Think Gizmos product the Musical Penguin is made from safe, strong and non-toxic ABS plastic. Perfect for your little ones to play with and all parts including batteries are provided so no extras required.

The super cool musical dancing penguin with lights and sounds from the Awesome Child Development Series from ThinkGizmos is a super addition to your child’s toy box.

The AWESOME looking penguin toy for toddlers is designed to be bright and engaging for children and includes a variety of features. It can even move around and dance.

The Dancing penguin features 3 different play modes to keep children engaged and having fun. These are:  
  1. Story mode: The penguin will tell 4 different fun stores that your child will love.
  2. Music Mode: The penguin will dance around whist playing 5 different musical songs.
  3. Learn Mode: The penguin will ask you to touch certain parts and follow instructions helping learn about body parts.
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Whilst one of the different play modes are active the penguin will move around and as it is a bump and go toy if it hits an obstacle it will change direction and keep on moving.

MULTIPLE features make this toy one of the best gifts for any toddler. They can listen to stories, music and even be tested about parts of the penguin.

TG655 Musical Penguin Features:  
  1. Head Sensor (plays penguin dance)
  2. Blinking Eyes
  3. Moving Beak
  4. Moving Wing and Wing Sensor
  5. Flashing Heart Button (hear heartbeat and lullaby)
  6. Tail Sensor (behind penguin)
  7. Bump and Go Wheels
  8. Volume Control
  9. Moving Wing and Wing Sensor
The TG655 Penguin measures 12x12x16.5 cm in size and included in the box is an EASY to follow instruction manual and cool looking packaging make this a great gift for any toddler boy or girl. As a Think Gizmos product all batteries required (3x AA) for the toy Penguin to work are also provided in the box.

This storytelling toy penguin is made from colourful, safe and strong ABS plastic which will last and be safe when being played with. Overall this is one of the best toys for toddlers on the market and is the perfect Birthday gift or Christmas present for any young child.

The TG655 Musical Penguin is recommended for children aged 18 Months+ and is a ‘ThinkGizmos’ branded product.

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Think Gizmos Musical Toy Penguin for Toddlers - Interactive Educational Musical Toy