TG550 – Sunrise Alarm Clock – Discontinued

Main Features

  • The ideal gift for people who have trouble waking up in the morning.
  • Alarm simulates the rising sun in the morning.
  • LED with dimmer switch used as light source.
  • Easy to see Digital Alarm Clock and Calendar.
  • Can be set to send you to sleep or wake you up.
  • Variety of sound effects which include Birds, Waterfalls, Waves on the Beach, Rain, Ringing Tone and Standard Alarm Sound.
  • Includes indoor temperature display.
  • Powered by 3x AA Batteries or Mains Power (both not included).
  • Approximate Size: 12.5cm x 14.3cm x 7.5cm.


Waking up doesn’t need to be hard to do.

With the Advanced Sunrise Alarm Clock from Think Gizmos you can now rise up out of bed up feeling great.

This handy alarm clock includes a built in LED Light which lights up to represent the sunrise which aids in syncing your natural body clock, so you can wake up just as nature designed.

The Advanced Sunrise Alarm Clock also benefits from having 10 sounds of nature which accompany the sunrise feature these include Singing Birds, Waterfalls and waves. However the Sunrise Alarm Clock also has the standard ringing alarm sounds if you would prefer.

If have trouble getting to sleep rather than waking up this Sunrise Alarm Clock has a function allowing it to be set to help you get to sleep by playing the calming sounds of nature which dim down and then out after about 25 minutes.

Addition features for this alarm clock also include a calendar and an indoor temperature display.

Whats in the box

  • 1x Sunrise Alarm Clock
  • 1x Sunrise Alarm Clock Instruction Manual

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